Handyman near me in Ipoh include plumber, roof & windows.

Replacement of water taps & pipes, roof repair & installation, windows & curtains fixing. Good price and quality workmanship you can find, save time and hassle to fix all around near me in Ipoh.

PEN Handyman was established on 16th November 2021, the person in charge had more than 10 years of experience since 2010 dealing with property matters. 创办人在维修行业已经超过10年经验。

PEN Handyman provides quality workmanship for the following: 我们提供一站式高品质维修服务:


Roof Repairs

Roof work & repair arranging power tools
Quality workmanship roof repair by sealant
After repair on the broken roof tiles
Inspection on the roof tiles, found broken
Inspection on the roof tiles, broken roof tiles detected
Metal Roof Repair - Completion
Metal Roof Repair - Crane Work in progress
Metal Roof Repair - Existing Roof Tiles Removal
Roof replacement - roof tiles to metal roof

Gutter Repairs & Cleaning

Rain Gutter Repairs & Cleaning
broken cement gutter to be fixed together with the crack
Grassy gutter in need of cleaning and repair
Cracked lime gutters needing patching and cleaning
clogged drainage to be cleaned
Gutter repair & cleaning
  • Plumbing 水管安装及维修

  • Roof & Gutter Specialist 屋顶和排水沟维修

  • Doors & windows repair or alignment 门与窗的调整和维修

  • Painting 油漆

  • Others 其它等等

Service covered area:

Service covered areas in Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Gopeng, Kampar, Pusing, Ulu Kinta & Lahat...

Modern way

With more than 10 years of experience, we got you covered with easier, faster, & cost-effective methods through the modern way of communication, especially in WhatsApp.

Time and punctuality

Punctuality is part of our culture, it’s not limited to business only, we respect everyone’s time even just for a coffee session.

5 Good Reason To Choose PEN Handyman

1. Skilled Technicians Assured

Special culture motivated by GrabCar Malaysia, incentive based on job completion & your rating is key of the measurement.

Our team works as a partnership & not as employees, the interview session took seriously with a personal attitude.

2. Quality Materials That Lasts

We are always looking for quality products to provide you with excellent results in achieving hassle-free after-service.

The materials we use are even suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as additional weight and thickness is added.

For example, the glue we use is elastic, impermeable to water and mild chemical solutions, has excellent crack bridging, fungal and, weather resistance, odourless, and pollution free.

So when you hire us for your home improvements, you know it will last.

3. Quality Workmanship

Our slogan is Quality in the name. Trust in the relationship. Regardless of the size of the house or project, we practice a buddy system that could better ensure the quality of work is carried out.

Furthermore, we practice it starting with housekeeping, tool keeping & any tasks that required effort for better quality. Again, the culture too.

4. Long-term warranty and peace of mind

We have confidence in the quality of workmanship, materials, and products used to provide a one-stop solution.

Therefore, we can provide up to a 5-year warranty for most replacements, and a 1-year warranty for general repairs.

5. Quick troubleshooting and fix

With tons of experience over the years, and many issues we were able to commute directly over a video conference or just a couple of photos we received.

We know how to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly so that you can return to your regular routine as soon as possible.

Therefore, time and punctuality are well controlled.

Quick & Quality

For Quotation

For both residential and commercial properties, PEN Handyman Solution applied the same best practices.


If you find any signs of problems with your properties, take a video and directly WhatsApp us for a quick quotation.

如果您发现任何需要维修的情况,可以直接 WhatsApp 我们询问价格。

We will check accordingly, if needed to have a site visit for the quotation, it’s free within Lahat, Perak.


In the estimate, we will also highlight the cause of the problem together with the solution. For inspections that require a crane, a fee will be charged.


Contact us 联系我们

Ipoh handyman - PEN Handyman is managed by Cheston Choo

Cheston Choo, a registered Real Estate Negotiator REN42152 since 2013